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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jan 28, 2007 8:26am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Jihadi propaganda

Unbelievable, no comments and a few views, but people will take the time to compare different dead shows over and over and over... Where are the hackers? Can't we shut down these digital terror factories on american servers? I researched a bit and found the company who owns the domain splashed on that mideval rant is a company called Abacus America, Inc out of Scottsdale CA. Can someone in that area please cut all wires coming in and out of whereever that server is? I am too far away to go there and do it myself.

Why are 10,000 retards protesting in DC but no one is stopping this cyber hate? I translated the seemingly harmless islamic site and found all kinds of ridicules claims about christians (of which I am not) and how they need to be stopped. Yeah, your pool of suicide bombers dwindles when people switch to a religion that does not have a viking/kamikaze death twist to it.

Anyone notice the news report of "death squads" leaving in advance of our increased troop surge? They are... and that is bad? I think we should have never sent in any troops when we have all the bombs our tax dollars paid for already just sitting there. We should make one giant sheet of glass out of the whole area and eliminate the cancerous jihadi growth on the human organism. I really cannot comprehend how anyone could not be outraged at this hypocritical conundrum we are in. Part of me wants all the protesters' wishes to come true. I hope we pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and Saudi Arabia and our carrier fleets out of the gulf. Let the cheering in the streets in Kabul and Bazra and Baghdad and Gaza begin. Let them wave burning US flags and embolden further another group of mujahideen that lacks respect and fear of our military so they can continue their unending crusade against the infidels.

Europe is already lost, no one will admit it though. 50 years from now the retards who thought I was a crackpot extremist will be looking for this post on the wayback machine, if we are allowed to keep non islamic websites up, and saying, "damn, that guy was right. we should have stopped them." Maybe we'll stop the slaughter before the 6 million mark this time.

WAKE UP FOLKS... they are watching everything we do... it's not big brother you should be afraid of, it's big imam. I can imagine the look of satisfaction on the faces of the terrorist when Spicoli and Barberella stand with them in support against the American forces. So many of my friends and aquaintances try the liberal sound bytes on me assuming that I will go along with them and after I engage them in debate about it, they never have a true contextual understanding of the ramifications of their position. Only that was is bad, umkay. Like it's that simple. We didn't start this war but by god (use figuratively) we need to finish it. And yes Iraq is now part of the war on terror. When the soldiers and leaders are gone and foreign fighters and terrorist are blowing up pet markets full of their own people, it's not a regular war anymore. Does anyone remember the Nazi's in 1946 blowing up cats and dogs and birds and their own people? Of course not...

Please take the extra time to review history and news articles. Look beyond the slant of the messenger and the popular reaction that is trendy at the time. Look at the facts and it will be found no matter how hard idiots try to burry it. And I guess I would be a bit less concerned about a terrorist attack if I had a malibu fortress and security force protecting me 24/7. Think about it. WE are the ones they will target while our hollywood liberal "heroes" stir them to action against us...

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Poster: rastamon Date: Mar 2, 2007 11:28am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Jihadi propaganda

Well said! I'm DL'n it to see for myself. IF it advocates the violent overthrow of the government, it should NOT be here, and in fact investigated by the FBI.
A good jihadist is dead one! Lock & load!
That said, the GD part of the forum is about GD music and usually non-political. No problem there.

Crap! I DL'd it but I can't understand a word- an audio file, right? Any English version?

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